Still Singing thru Mayhem! 2022

YO hey yeh! Its been a wild and crazy few years. We had a flood, a plague, an Easter Tornado, an ice storm and such. No big deal we are Texans and pilgrims. On the frontier. As of 2019 we have a new studio mascot, Mariah! She has been helping patrol the grounds and keep our hearts singing thru hell and high water.


IT is our goal to continue learning, getting more proficient and designing better space for our customers. We have implemented a new control room, all new software, hardware, cabling and microphones to provide the best environment for the creatives in our orbit! Since M D Anderson is not currently holding the same event we performed at every year, we are focused on local outreach, musicians and products. We did put out an album last year for a huge cancer benefit in East Texas.


AS of this time, we have donated over 100 hours of studio time since 2018 to benefit Chemo Sabe goals of making a difference to the people battling cancer in Texas! We have donated many studio and cabin gift certificates to Texans who come to perform at our fund-raisers! We continue to be the premier non-profit studio in Central Texas! All of this is fueled by our wonderful musicians! We are planning some new adventures for our outreach and in research now to evaluate the possibilities.

THE good news is still the Good News. Nothing can change what God has planned for the world and for His people. And music is a part of the healing of our lands. How this will work out and how we will experience it is beyond my understanding currently. But that day is coming!

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After the Flood Specials!

Dear friends!

In October of 2018 while I was playing at a show, the Llano River had a massive flood which took out much of our infrastructure here at Riversounds. As of August 2019, thanks to the help of many friends, churches and family, we have rebuilt and improved on everything here at the ranch! In May of 2019, my mastering engineer called me and said he was dying of cancer and wanted me to have his studio gear. Due to both of these events, I have decided to re-open Riversounds to the public. I feel inspired to RECORD more music to celebrate the life of my friend and the kindness of our community.

As such, until 1/1/2020, I am running a special:

Daily rates @ $100 per day (8 hour + engineer)
Overnight and package rates @ $150 per day includes lodging and brunch!



The well after the flood!

Merlins cabin after the flood!

Down on de Ribber after the flood…..

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