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Our Legacy

In 1997, I met Bennett Brier, a small unassuming songwriter- It was one of those meetings that are like a 90 degree turn in life… he had heard my song demo at ASG songwriting conference that I made on my 2 track tape deck and asked me to produce an album for him!!! Me, a producer? Well turns out I said yes and here I am today, still learning, still growing as an engineer, producer, composer and performer.

I started with 2 ADAT machines and a wonderful analog board I got from Jack Rock!! I was also in school at ACC where I learned much about the ‘business’ of music. Of course nothing prepares you for being on the other side of the glass; although I had much experience in bands, recording was different and I had only been on the musician side, so wow, it was a big learning rhomboid. Follow that wire, baby. Lucky I am pretty flex so I made a great crawling wire rat. I found out how to make funny jokes while stuff quit, spun, went the wrong place etc, ha-ha.

I did 2 Joe King records on that system as well as our first commercial product which charted overseas and had a royal court of musicians on it: Chris Maresh, Van Wilks, Christine Albert, Art kidd and more. WE hit 59 in Belgium!!! Not bad for record #1 and my ignorance. We did many projects old-style.

This photo is off my microphone room door of tape strips from many of the wonderful sessions we have had here in the past….. wow remember board tape?

In 2001 I switched over to a Power Mac and DAW style recording which I love- I am a pretty darn good editor and I can hear an artifact a mile away- I got the nick name pop-buster after mastering the very first CD for Rice Fest! Oh the fun adventures we have had:

like the 7 ft. tall, drunk guy who kept crashing into all my short little elvin doors, or how bout the great band that would come sing killer tracks then go catch fish, or Joe King making me dinner cooked in the rocks (he’s an eagle scout).

Or the church group that came and sang on the rocks making the echoes swirl around the campground- many wonderful times and stars and river sounds and bluebonnets and song ranchin’.

Lets make more memories !  Come on out and see whats’ special about this little ole recording studio:
mom and POP……. I’m the mom, you make the POP.

Love Jerialice

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